The connectivity of modern vehicles leaves them vulnerable to cyber security threats. A successful attack can mean extreme consequences, for both passengers and automakers. Recognizing that consumers expect action to prevent security issues, Arilou has created OEM, Tier-1, and aftermarket cyber security solutions. Providing peace of mind both for its partners and the customers they serve.

  • Customer Oriented Solutions

    More than a supplier, Arilou builds professional partnerships. Need embedded technology for future vehicles, or aftermarket solutions for your current fleet? Arilou works with you to customize our technology to your needs.
  • Security Consultation

    Automotive cyber security is complex. As a pioneer of the field, Arilou has deep knowledge and experience. As a partner you can enjoy unique access to our expertise, helping you secure your business.
  • Flexibile and Independent

    As part of NNG Group, Arilou has the freedom to work with suppliers you choose. This ensures you have all the options to create the best possible solution for your needs. Integrate Arilou’s technology and knowledge with partners you prefer.

who we arewho we are

Arilou Cyber Security, part of NNG Group, is a pioneer in the field of cyber security. Arilou delivers deep automotive industry knowledge and unique expertise. Successfully tested by the United States Department of Transportation and major OEMs, Arilou’s solutions are available today for integration.

About us

Benefits of working with usbenefits

  • Technology

    Arilou brings to market the most advanced and comprehensive suite of automotive cyber security solutions. Our dedicated team of security experts are constantly developing new technologies to keep your vehicles one step ahead of hackers.
  • Multiple Deployment Topologies

    Arilou’s in-vehicle Intrusion Detection and Prevention Suite offers flexible implementation modes tailored to your vehicle fleet’s needs and environment. This gives you the option to select one technology to be customized for your complete portfolio.
  • Platform Agnostic

    Our cyber security solutions support any combination of hardware and software used in the industry, which makes it easy to integrate in different environments.
  • Independent Provider

    We’re not tied to a big supply chain network, so we can work with any provider. This gives you the freedom to build a solution that best protects your customers from cyber threats.



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